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Telenet increases level of customer satisfaction at their mobile phone store using Scala powered innovative digital communication tools

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Antwerp, February 28, 2013 – At Telenet’s Mobile concept store in Belgium, communication technology and digital signage plays a decisive role in helping customers find the product or service that serves their needs best. Scala partner DOBIT has created an innovative concept for Telenet to maximize sales and customer satisfaction. The installation won a silver award in the category “Interactive self-service” at the DSE Apex Awards held in Las Vegas this week.

The Telenet Mobile concept store is located in the city centre of Antwerp in Belgium. Within the Telenet shop concept absolutely nothing has been left to chance. Visitors are provided with a range of tools to help them decide what they need from a product and information perspective.

Philip Van den Driessche, Account Manager of DOBIT, explains how the store works: “The first thing you see when you walk into the Telenet shop is the ‘Who Wall’, which is the first help station. Three 46-inch Scala powered Elo touchscreens help customers make a primary selection from the huge assortment of mobile devices that are available. After entering information about preferences like multi-media features, text messaging bundles, and budget, customers will see three devices which they can then examine in more detail in the ‘Which Zone’. There is one 10-inch screen per two devices displayed there; when the customer picks up one of those devices, the screen shows all specifications of the chosen mobile device.”

“The concept store in Antwerp has been open for a while now and the first reactions have been wildly positive. The average customer appreciation level of the store is very high,” says Marc Bruers, CEO of DOBIT. “We are seeing that they do use the interactive tools that we have provided for them. And, very important, the average order value per customer is notably higher than that of other Telenet Mobile stores.”

The success of the concept store in Antwerp has led Telenet to roll out the concept to more of its stores. Currently 15 stores host a total of 182 Scala players which all contribute to giving customers a unique shopping experience, powered by Scala solutions

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