Tesco Store of the Future – Speak

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IPC Media supplied and installed Ireland’s first state-of-the-art digital signage solution from Scala for a Tesco off licence in The Merrion Centre in Dublin

Tesco is the largest supermarket retailer in the British Isles and Ireland. Its operations in the UK are the largest within the group, with more than 3,000 stores and 310,000 employees. In Ireland, the business has grown to become the leading grocery retailer with 139 stores across the country. IPC Media had a brief to create a Tesco off licence store of the future that was both scalable and sustainable and to enhance the shopping experience by creating a theatre environment with engaging and interactive content at the point of purchase. Using Scala to deploy the solution, IPC Media supplied and fitted unique stretched LCD screens that were custom installed into the shelving fixture at customer eye level. Scala was also used to design templates for temporary offers in both portrait and landscape format. “The use of eye-level motion graphics coupled with low-level audio has truly engaged with the customer directly at the point of sale,” says Mike Kirwan, managing director, IPC Media.

Colin Cashman, Tesco Merrion store manager, says: “Digital signage has made a very positive impact within the store. It has given an interactive and modern feel to the off licence. Customer and staff feedback has been excellent. Customers like to touch the screen, interact with it and see the product on screen, and it highlights where the actual product is within the off licence.”

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