The Case for a Single Media Management Platform

By January 11, 2010 No Comments

By Andy McRae, Director of Sales, Scala Canada

Given the economic climate over the past 2 years, it is not surprising that retailers are looking to In-Store advertising to generate revenue. Major retailers can provide literally hundreds of millions of impressions per year across their channel. Think of the store as the channel and the products as the content….

Many of these retailers have undergone expensive studies to determine who is in the store to make it easier to sell access to those eyeballs.

I see two major issues with this In-Store network. First, it can’t be only digital or only static. You must have one network consisting of every media type in the store. Each media opportunity is profiled so that it can be sold by audience as part of a package.

The second issue is the sheer number of ad faces in the inventory. Each store in the network can have hundreds of different faces. The retailer must be able to easily check availability, generate proposals and work orders, manage the production and content and provide feedback to the client.

By creating a single media management platform and tying it into the store’s POS and inventory systems you can avoid having competitive programs running at the same time in the same store. You can also tie the ad program to the sales results so you really know whether the program worked or not.

Imagine how much easier it would be to manage if you could just query your system for available ad opportunities in the Northeast region with a Hispanic profile and an electronics department, then push a button to generate a proposal.

Does such a system exist? Have you seen Scala’s Ad Manager lately?