The (Fancy) Future of Digital Signage

By October 13, 2009 No Comments

By Paul Barnhart, Marketing Coordinator, Scala

Paul Barnhart with monkey on head

I was a little unsure about the next steps for the digital signage industry when I became a part of it only recently.  But, working with an established company has shed plenty of illumination on the fact that digital signage is not going away and will continue to pop up in places that are a very big part of our everyday lives. 

The question is:  where will it show up next?

I have a few places that I see digital signage showing up in the next 5 years:

  1. Travel coffee mugs – if I can plug my travel mug into the cigarette lighter in my car to warm it up, I expect every sip to be sponsored both audibly and visually.
  2. The moon – Really?  We’re not there yet?  What’s the hold up?
  3. Microwaves – An ad for Orville Reddenbocker’s synched up to play on the oven door while you’re making your microwave popcorn?  Scary, yet a possibility.
  4. Fitting rooms in retail stores – Captive audiences…hello!
  5. Places of worship – Amen…


Maybe – but don’t be surprised when the actual ‘Man in the Moon’ is brought to you by Velveeta.

You heard it here first.