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Three Quick Questions with Daniel Rubenstein

By May 29, 2012 No Comments

Daniel Rubenstein has joined our company as Senior Director, Financial Services. I recently sat down with Daniel so he could introduce himself to Digital Signage Spot readers and discuss his plans.

RC: Why did you join Scala? What do you see as the company’s opportunity in the financial services market?

DR: Over the last few years, I have had the opportunity to work with Scala and their partners; and have witnessed some amazing deployments that included integration with outside data sources. Through my personal experiences, I have found Scala to be a true leader in the digital signage industry. Some of the key attributes that really attracted me to join their team include their strong and experienced executive team, their dedication to R&D and their commitment to technology and staying ahead of the industry curve by deploying new and innovative products. Scala puts considerable effort into adding enhancements to the software; making it even more robust and powerful than it already is. Lastly, but I think most importantly, Scala is proven to be a stable and scalable solution. As Tom Nix says, “You don’t win awards for stability but it’s most critical that the digital signage network works and is scalable.”

Some of the largest financial institutions in the world are currently using our software for their in-branch digital merchandising and the vertical has tremendous growth opportunities. Banks are looking to maximize each customer visit and digital signage will help them reach their goals. As the retail banking space continues to evolve, we are seeing a rise in the adoption of technology in banking environments to enhance the customer experience. All financial institutions want to educate customers about the variety of products and services they offer for each life stage. This can be a very difficult task with static signage and overwhelm the customer with unnecessary information that might not be relevant at that point in time. Scala assures that the right content is delivered to the relevant audience at the right time.  

RC: What financial products can benefit most with digital signage integration?

DR: Digital signage helps financial institutions effectively promote their products and services to customers in lobby areas, waiting areas and in teller lines. Rather than displaying static posters, which may be changed as infrequently as once a quarter, digital signage allows banks to keep content fresh and relevant. The information provided by these signs will not only educate customers but also prompt them to engage with bank representatives and ask questions about specific products and services.

With a good content strategy, banks will be able to reach customers at relevant touch-points. One of the banking solutions we are deploying is a digital photo frame which rests on the desks of bank representatives. For example, customers waiting while the representative processes their paperwork can be shown messaging about related products that might interest them. Digital signage also provides banks with the opportunity to test different messaging concepts and different calls to action which are difficult to measure with traditional static signage.

RC: What are the complementary technologies that financial services companies should look to integrate with digital signage?

DR: Kiosk-based and interactive displays are widely used at financial institutions for one to one communication where the user chooses the content that is of personal interest to them. Kiosks can include valuable product information as well as third-party content, such as “How To” videos, that will reinforce and complement their product offering and legitimacy.

Also, digital signage integrating with mobility and social medias can be very effective in increasing engagement with customers Displays inside banks can provide SMS short codes or QR codes that make it easy for customers to download relevant information to their mobile devices quickly.




Robyn Conelley, Manager of Internet and Database Marketing, Scala