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Three Quick Questions with Kari Mettälä of Panphonics

By June 25, 2012 No Comments

We had the opportunity to sit down with Kari Mettälä, CEO of Scala partner Panphonics. Founded in 1997 and headquartered in Finland, Panphonics is a global leader in directional audio solutions.


RC: How would you describe the value of the sound in digital signage networks?

Kari Mettälä of PanphonicsKM: Audio has been proven to be a very powerful tool in digital signage. A report on a large digital signage project states that audio contributes to increased sales in retail environments more effectively than digital signage without audio. Also, media sellers are able to double the price of ads when audio is involved in digital signage.

RC: How important is the network management and connection for audio in digital signage systems?

Panphonics Audio Systems in RetailKM: Panphonics works closely with a number of digital signage vendors, both hardware and software.  There are a multitude of software and hardware suppliers out there.  What we have learned is that the flexibility of the player and software are crucial components for a successful installation. It is hard to plan everything beforehand in a project, and there are always surprises in the roll-out or special requirements come up. In these cases, the customization and scripting possibilities of the management system are essential. Scala is exemplary for having the software flexibility to integrate audio in digital signage installations and the knowledge to really make it happen.


RC: What are the latest developments with Panphonics technology?

Panphonics, the world's leading supplier of directional audio speaker, has been actively coming up with new innovations this year. To name a few, we are introducing two new speaker models – Sound Shower Compact and Sound Shower Outdoor models. Our new amplifier, which was introduced during ISE 2012 in January, is now equipped with an IP-control function as well.


Robyn Connelly


Robyn Connelly, Manager of Internet and Database Marketing, Scala