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Three Ways Digital Menu Boards Can Boost QSR Business

By July 2, 2012 No Comments

In an effort to better inform and engage with customers, many quick service restaurants (QSR) are replacing their printed menu boards with high-resolution digital menu boards. In the typical QSR, customers are in a hurry – but still want a high-quality experience. Using digital menu boards can help restaurants satisfy customer desires and also boost business.

Here are three ways digital menu boards can help QSRs:

Better Informed Decisions: Printed menus are static and can be dull, and hinder a customer’s decision making. Digital menu boards provide a richer experience with vibrant, animated displays that are more eye-catching. Digital menu boards are like unlimited canvases which allow the customer to see all menu items and make a more informed purchase decision, enhancing their experience at the restaurant.

Scala software powers 4food's digital menu boards

Enhance Customer Experience: More customers today are place an emphasis on knowing the nutritional information of the food they order. With unlimited screen “real estate,” digital menu boards provide nutritional information to help customers with their purchase decisions. These digital menu boards also enable the restaurants to look cutting edge to their customers, enhancing the overall encounter.

Singular Brand Experience: Consistent content across mobile, kiosk and digital menu board platforms can provide the customer with a singular brand experience. User interfaces across all these platforms can be made to look the same so the customers feel a familiarity on any medium. This integration enables uniform messaging across several customer touch-points and the brand more easily keeps current with menu and other content changes.

A great example of delivering a singular experience is Scala customer 4food, a New York City-based restaurant, which has a very creative way of integrating social media feeds and streaming video into their digital signage. 


Damon Crowhurst


Damon Crowhurst, Senior Director, Scala Inc.