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OnWindows MagazineのCEOインタビュー「小売りにおけるモバイル、ビーコンテクノロジー」について

By April 29, 2015 No Comments

I never leave the house without my cell phone, and I’ll guess that most reading this can say the same. It’s my main source of communication, data and entertainment, and retailers are figuring out how to help customers like us use our phones to create a fun, interactive buying experience. Scala CEO Tom Nix gave an interview for the spring 2015 issue 2 of OnWindows magazine on how “employing innovative mobile and beacon technologies to connect the in-store and online shopping experiences will ultimately help retailers better engage with their customers.”

Cell phones aren’t the only devices changing the way we shop. Technologies such as screens that update based on what products you are looking for and proximity beacons are part of the buying experience future. And, sure,  it kind of sounds like sci-fi – but it’s creating a non-intrusive and informative shopping environment. (And anything that helps me shop quicker, smarter and potentially saves me money makes me happy!)

OnWindows is a publication, digital and in print, that spotlights “the best of enterprise technology on the Microsoft Windows platform.” Check out the Spring 2015 issue and read Tom’s article here.