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November 30, 2010 – Burger King Uses Scala-Powered Digital Menu Boards to Increase Sales in U.K. Restaurants

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SURREY, U.K., November 30, 2010 – Burger King customers across the United Kingdom can now get a taste of digital signage with their flame-broiled Whopper. SSP, operator of more than 700 food outlets, has been replacing static light-box display menus in their Burger King restaurants with digital menu boards powered by Scala.

Working closely with Signature Digital Menus Ltd. (SDM), a company dedicated to bringing digital signage to quick-service restaurants, SSP has been introducing digital menu boards to its Burger King outlets as an operational tool to help increase the value of sales, lower the ongoing costs for signage and improve the way SSP manage prices, day-parts and promotions.

“We found Signature Digital Menus to be a better solution because they offer more than just the hardware. They offer a content solution,” said Ian Hetherington, Brand Manager of SSP. “They can analyze things like demographics, day parting and site trends — all of those things that we really need in our business.”

SSP’s new digital menu board system was introduced at Burger King restaurants at Victoria Train Station in London and at Birmingham Airport. The London site has two 46-inch Samsung LCD screens, and the Birmingham site has six 32-inch Samsung LCD screens. Each screen uses an embedded PC for content playback, and they run on Scala 5 software

The digital menu board system that SDM developed uses high-definition graphics and text that specifically targets customer demographics. A team of content editors and technicians from SDM continues to create customized branded content for the digital menu boards and remotely manages the screens at all the sites.

With this Scala-based solution from SDM at the Burger King restaurants, the digital menus are able to deliver real results to the bottom line, improving sales and providing a valuable return on investment. Since installing its first menu boards in 2009, SSP has seen as much as a 63-percent sales increase for some Burger King items.

“Burger King’s new digital menu board system has set new standards for the quick service restaurant industry. This system is fully flexible, truly customer focused, reliable and scalable,” said Oscar Elizaga, Vice President of Scala, EMEA and Emerging Markets. “The synergy between Scala and Signature Digital Menus has opened new commercial doors for SSP in its communication on the restaurant floor.”

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About SSP 

SSP is the leading dedicated operator of food and beverage brands in travel locations, operating restaurants, bars, cafes, food courts, lounges and convenience stores in airports, train stations, motorway service stations, shopping malls, conference centers and other leisure locations. With a heritage stretching back over 60 years, today SSP has 30,000 employees, serving millions of customers every week. It has business at over 140 airports and over 250 rail stations, and operates more than 2,100 units in more than 30 countries around the world.

SSP operates an extensive portfolio of over 200 international, national, local and specialty brands. These include Upper Crust, Starbucks, Caffè Ritazza, Burger King, M&S Simply Food, Bonne Journée, Pizza Hut, Caviar House & Prunier, and leading Japanese noodle brand Ajisen Ramen as well as stunning bespoke concepts such as the Montreux Jazz Café in Geneva and Sydney and the Bambini Wine Room in Sydney. Its brand portfolio is tailored for each specific location, depending on variables such as passenger profile, consumer need states, location type, size and design. More information at

About Signature Digital Menus Ltd.

Signature Digital Menus Ltd. is a company dedicated to the provision of digital menu boards for the Quick Service Restaurant industry and other food outlet businesses. Signature Digital Menus Ltd is the sister company of Beaver Solutions — a digital signage company which provides a range of complete turn-key solutions to government, corporate and retail clients.

One of our directors, Tony Ingles, is the former Managing Director of Dan Display, a company which specialized in modular menu systems. Through working closely with the QSR industry, Tony Ingles has gained invaluable unique experience of the operational, financial and practical requirements of a menu board system.

Signature Digital Menus Ltd. combines the experience and skills of digital signage specialists Beaver Solutions, with the knowledge and expertise of Tony Ingles. We are formally supported by Sanyo, Samsung, Philips, Scala, Vogels and Matrox, who have all come together under the Signature Digital Menus Ltd brand to offer a ‘one-stop’ complete digital menu board solution.
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