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What genlocks and scan converters can I use for computer-to-TV conversion?

By July 22, 2012 No Comments
  • Vine Micro & TV One Multimedia

Genlock and Scan Converters: Vine Micros (UK) & TV One Multimedia (US distributor) makers of a line of Genlocks and Scan Converters. We can recommend the Vine MultiGen Pro (also known as DeltaScan Pro GL) and we are keen on testing their newest product, the CorioScan Pro and CorioScan Pro GL. Contact David Barnes or Roy Williams at TV-One at http://www.tvone.com606-282-7303 or fax: 606-282-8225.

CORIOgen Eclipse offers high quality computer to video conversion from virtually any source to virtually any video output you need, plus ability to genlock and overlay on to an existing video signal. The Scala CORIOgen EX for InfoChannel 3 was designed to control the CORIOgen Eclipse.


  • Magni Systems

For more professional users, Magni Systems’ MagniCoder Pro is a precision computer graphics-to-video converter for desktop-based video production systems. The MagniCoder Pro provides for conversion of up to 16 million color and XGA/VGA computer graphics in 1280 X 1024 resolution and is compatible with PCs. Magni Systems’ genlock/overlay encoders enable PC users to convert and overlay the television signal and computer characters/graphics for news and commercial program productions, animation and conferencing applications. Lavitsky Computer Laboratories sells an EX module specifically to control the MagniCoder Pro from Scala, such as programmable full and transparent keying, genlock capabilities, viewport sizing, overlay of television/video signals onto computer graphics, and sharp, realistic video without artifacts. For information on the Magni EX for Scala, contact Lavitsky Computer Laboratories http://www.lavitsky.com/ at+1 908 725 6206. Also http://magnisystems.com.


  • Focus Enhancements

For a low cost solution there is the Focus Enhancements TView GOLD PCI” adapter card. This PC-to-TV video scan converter connects almost any computer to any TV, supporting resolutions of up to 1600×1280, in 24-bit color. The Gold is PC compatible, supports NTSC, PAL, and SCART outputs, and comes complete with a remote for pan, zoom, sharpness, highlight, spotlight, and pointer capabilities. http://focusinfo.com.