What is the maximum length of cable for a DVI and VGA?

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Using copper cable it would appear that the limits are approximately 1600×1200@60Hz to one meter and 1024×768@60Hz to 9 meters with appropriate signal strength from the graphics adapter. [repeater may be required for longer lengths and there are “Fiber-Optic/electrical-to-light-to-electrical cables available that permit lengths to 100’s of meters–see below]
DVI-D Copper Cables

These cables are designed to carry digital-only signals from a graphics card to a display. If your requirement is interfacing two digital only devices, then you should use a DVI-D cable.

Our cables are configured for single or dual link operation, and use super high resolution (24-gauge wire) cables, while most consumer-grade DVI cables use smaller, 28-gauge wire. This limits consumer-grade cables to lower resolutions and distances of less than 5 meters.

The maximum recommended resolution is listed with each cable length, however all cable lengths support up to 1920×1200 resolution at 60Hz with the use of the DVI Repeater.

DVI Extension/Repleater
This converter regenerates the DVI signal, allowing for greater distance than is normally possible with DVI signals.

DVI signals remain in their performance specification only to 9.6 meters using the best quality copper cable. The DVI Repeater allows two cables to be joined together for long distances.

Compatible with any of our DVI-D, DVI-I, or long length cables Supports all single-link resolutions up to 1920×1080 Self-powered from any PCI or AGP graphics card (PC-Cards, such as the Margi Display-to-Go and longer cable lengths require the use of the included AC adapter)Compact size of 2.75W x 1.0H x 4.5D (inches)