What makes Scala different from other multimedia software?

By July 22, 2012 No Comments

Anyone who has seen Scala in person sees right away that it’s something special. It’s hard to explain what it is about Scala that gets people excited. Perhaps it is the fact that after all these years of postage-stamp sized multimedia, Scala has preserved the unique user interface that is so conducive towards full-screen multimedia design. While most tools were oriented towards windows, Scala was targeting full screens. So today, when everyone else is just realizing the importance of full-screen delivery (besides the game industry), Scala has moved onto the next generation of issues — managing multimedia signage networks that can scale to unlimited numbers of player locations. All the while, we never forgot that our products must appeal to graphic designers and artists; not programmers.

Few other products have extended the abilities of graphic designers and artists so far with so little effort. Not even the Internet. We know that’s a bold claim. Try Scala. You’ll see.