What networking cards and modems are recommended for use with Scala?

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Recommended Network Cards

We prefer the Intel PCI based 10/100/1000 EtherExpress Pro series of cards. They have a stable and reliable driver for Windows 2000 and XP Professional. This is built on a lot of 845 and 865 motherboards.

Please note that some PCI bus master cards may starve even the best PCI based Ethernet card. Systems with ATI video cards and Cinemaster MPEG cards on 10Mbit networks may appear to be very slow with ScalaNet. Switching to a 100Mbit network or changing the Cinemaster to use the VMI feature connector, or sometimes even minor configuration changes may cause the problem to go away.

  • A single port Intel PRO/100+ Managed NIC
    For a system with only internal storage.


Recommended Modems

Generally speaking we like all external modems from USRobotics. We steer clear of “WinModems” and any other internal modem. If you need to reset a modem, it is much easier to do that externally than to reset the entire computer. If you rely exclusively on modems to communicate with your players, or if you have poor telephone lines, we can highly recommend spending a little extra money for the Courier brand modems from USRobotics instead of the much cheaper “Sportster” model.

  • US Robotics Courier V.Everything EXTERNAL http://www.usr.com
    On systems where a “Back Channel”/POTS communications are required the US Robotics Courier V.Everything EXTERNAL is the recommended modem.

If you want to use an internal modem then we would suggest using the Internal US Robotics Performance Pro 56K PCI modem card. http://www.usr.com

Recommended ISDN Network Adaptors

Depending on the country you are in, ISDN terminal adaptors may be different. Please consult Scala technical support in your country for a list of recommended ISDN cards.