What uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), cases, and fans are recommended for use with Scala?

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Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)
APC series of products with the PowerShute software.
UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) with RS232 control: Required on all Scala IC3 systems. We can recommend APC series of products with the PowerShute software and cable.

Rack-mount ATX Factor Case.
Any appropriate “Rack-mount” ATX form factor case that has at least three exposed 5.25″ bays and two 3.5″ bays. [Typically a 19″ 4 UNIT high rackmount chassis] Check that it will allow for at *LEAST* 2 “full length PCI” cards to be installed!

Example: APPro APRE-4200 Series http://www.appro.com
Power Supplies

At Least 30 Amps to combined +5/+3.3V.  It is suggested that generally cases be sourced without PSU’s and that separately qualified PSU’s be used. A 300 WATT ATX PSU with an external “hardware override” ON/OFF switch is best. Check the PSU specs: It should be capable of supplying at least 30 Amps to combined +5/+3.3V. “PC Power & Cooling” and “HIPOT” are example vendors of such PSU’s.

Example: PC Power & Cooling http://www.firepower-technology.com/power-products/


At least one extra case exhaust fan is recommended. [in addition to the exhaust fan provided by the PSU–if mechanically possible dual “extra” exhaust fans are recommended] “Three wire calibrated” case fans that are designed to be connected to the motherboard CHASSIS_FAN connectors are suggested.