Who needs to know about Scala multimedia software for plasma?

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Run Extremely Scalable Multimedia Networks (great for plasma screens)
Scala is the best-of-breed software component for running extremely scalable multimedia networks of plasma screen-based dynamic signage. Scala is the de facto standard and industry leader in this emerging industry, having solved every problem you are bound to encounter. Using Scala is likely to make your pilot program successful, and your eventual large-scale deployments go smoothly. Scala is partnered with every major component provider, from satellite to plasma display panels, to creative, and value added resellers. Scala is to the Outernet what Netscape and Explorer were to the Internet.

Multimedia Developers and Content Creators Must Know About Scala
Content creators need to know about Scala because it is emerging as the defacto standard software for dynamic signage creation, scheduling, distribution, and playback. Scala is becoming the killer app for dynamic signage the same way other programs became dominant in desktop publishing in years past. It’s an easy leap for artists to make. Scala gives video creation-like capabilities to moderately competent PhotoShop artists. Scala has a low learning curve and a fast return on your time invested learning it. If you can use Quark XPress, then Scala will be a breeze.

Signage and P-O-P Display Companies
Like it or not, plasma display panels are here. It’s not just a cardboard display alternative. PDPs have the potential to change everything in the signage industry. Custom signs won’t go away, but merchandisers now have the opportunity to deliver targeted messages to their audience that automatically vary with time, season, weather, or promotions. The signage and point-of-purchase displays also become a source of revenue for co-op advertising dollars. Today’s signage companies have to be ready for the requests for plasma signs to start pouring in. Partner with Scala and be ready to get the business.

Franchises and Retail Outlets
Face it; you have the best real estate for revenue generating plasma displays. You’ve got the highly qualified out of home consumer in the place of purchase. The studies are already appearing that engaging motion signage will motivate a purchase or up sell, or ensure the success of a special promotion. Don’t get stuck with a multimillion-dollar humdrum solution that makes you a slave to the video department and huge file transmissions. Don’t let a consultant sell you a bill of goods about kludging together the wrong parts. Take control of your targeted messaging by using Scala from the start — not as a band-aid later on.

Advertisers and Media Buyers
Plasma signage will be everywhere. Your brand identity is going to be competing for that space. In not too long, you’ll be buying exposure to the consumer according to time times and places your targeted demographic is most likely to be there. Unprecedented feedback can measure the effectiveness of your promotions.

Entrepreneurs and Startups
It takes money to make money, and let there be no mistake; the capital outlay of a plasma display advertising network is big. The good news is that the cost of the hardware and services is coming down all the time, and the opportunity to develop high value real estate plasma properties is high. Any surface can generate advertising revenue on an ongoing basis. But instead of sinking all your precious resources into reinventing the application, sink it into hardware and developing your business. You’ve already got a superior software solution in Scala. Get a good head start on your competition.

Design Schools
Design schools that begin teaching design for plasma advertising today will be ahead of their time. It is exactly analogous to how web design was not in any school programs 5 years ago, but now it’s everywhere. Five years before that, computers were just being introduced for print-based graphic design. Today, schools must begin exploring the Scala application for plasma display advertising in order to have a competitive advantage.

Industry Analysts
Everyone is waiting for HDTV and plasma televisions to hit. But the business-to-people applications of plasma display panels are really going to drive the market in the short term. Everything is right for the Scala application to explode onto the scene. Just like how desktop publishing drove sales of expensive laser printers, Scala dynamic signage will drive sales of plasma displays. Industry analysts need to know this and will eventually start covering it.

Business Consultants
Businesses are always looking for ways to increase profits. Well, it’s hard to imagine a way to improve operating efficiency more than communication along the entire chain from manufacturing to retail. Tell your people to gear up via wall mounted plasma displays in the factory. Tell your sales people to be ready via the plasma screen employee information system. Then tell your customers to buy via the plasmas right in the retail outlets. It’s faster and reaches more people than email. Campaigns can be more creative, motivational, and well executed in less time than almost any other method. Business consultants ought to start suggesting Scala plasma display solutions to their clients.

Plasma Manufactures
Who will benefit more than the plasma display panel manufacturers themselves: Sony, Hitachi, Fujitsu, Pioneer, Sharp, and Matsushita? Did I miss anyone? Scala applications can sell hundreds or thousands of plasma units. It’s one thing if you plan on producing video with a video department and hired production company. It’s entirely another thing when you realize you can update plasma display content yourself rapidly, with a low learning curve, and deliver increasingly targeted messages to an increasingly large audience (as you add more plasma displays, of course). It makes targeted multimedia messaging applications very doable, and consequently makes the customers for plasma panels more ambitious. Every plasma manufacturer should be promoting the Scala application for their displays.

Plasma Wholesalers
Even plasma display wholesalers who just want to sell as many panels as possible can benefit from Scala. Suggesting Scala to all their business customers should lead to more business as the multimedia signage deployment grows.

Satellite Service Providers
Looking for customers for your bandwidth? Well, Scala is a perfect fit. Large-scale multimedia deployments are often best accomplished using VSAT (very small aperture terminals). VSAT technology represents a cost effective solution for users seeking an independent communications network connecting a large number of geographically dispersed sites. It’s a perfect fit for Scala plasma display solutions. Get additional business from your existing VSAT customers, or create new opportunities.

Hardware Integrators
The opportunities are endless for the hardware integrator specializing in Scala-based solutions for plasma signs. Setting aside the plasma panels for a moment, there is still the issue of assembling stable, reliable hardware. Scala players are PCs running Scala software 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When the explosion in the emerging dynamic signage industry really hits, hardware integrators ready to deploy hundreds of Scala players will benefit.