Wrapping up DSE 2009

By March 2, 2009 No Comments

By Guillaume Proux, Scala VP, Asia

The bell is ringing and the curtains are closing on this 2009 west coast edition of the Digital Signage Expo. As usual, I came here to support our US team but also to feel the pulse of the industry. Although the US economy is going through difficult times, you wouldn’t be able to guess that from the number of exhibitors and the quality of the exhibitions. Also, both days were very busy with a large number of attendees swarming through the halls with vendors talking to each other searching for ways to increase the size of our industry.

Comparatively, it seems the number of booths and their sizes have increased dramatically since last year. It would indicate that the industry is healthy and that it has attracted a lot of newcomers with new hardware products, services, and crazy ideas and concepts. As the industry leader, it is very nice to see everybody getting together and looking forward to an even more exciting future.

I am very excited by the initiatives we announced at this event. For the first time, Scala is clearly showing the leadership in opening up to other systems and embracing all kind of technologies. To me, a major asset of Scala systems has always been the fact that expansion is built-in by design but now we are taking it a major step further.

Many of my customers (from Asia) visited the show and were also very impressed by our Ad Manager offering. It is definitely a game-changer for many digital signage opportunities out there.

We are definitely seeing an inflection point in the industry and the year coming is very promising both for Scala and the digital signage industry in general. I am definitely looking forward to attending next year’s show!