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March 31, 2011 – Sky View Mall Uses Scala-Powered Digital Signage Network to Attract Attention for Grand Openings

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NEW YORK – The Sky View Center, a new 800,000 square-foot mall in downtown Flushing, N.Y., has become one of the most talked about retail developments in Queens. The center installed a state-of-the-art digital signage system conceptualized by Imperatives Inc., a Scala Certified Partner based in Schenectady, N.Y. Imperatives worked with Sansi North America to launch the network, which is powered by Scala.

Imperatives created a network of displays strategically positioned in prominent public areas, both inside and outside of the mall. Sky View’s new network is currently deployed on three Sansi LED screens, with potential expansion to other hotspots in and around the mall. It comprises a central server running Scala Content Manager and three Scala Players. The Scala software synchronizes the content on each of the screens to display a unified message.

The initial goal behind the new digital signage system was to attract customers to the mall and highlight the grand openings of each of the individual stores. Content informs patrons of opening dates, times and what the mall has to offer its visitors. In the future, the Sky View network will display relevant advertising content and inform people of various community events being held at the mall.

After careful consideration, Sansi selected Imperatives for the rollout, based on its experience working with Scala and track record of providing high-end content design and hardware. Imperatives initially created 40 different signage templates and will continue to create about three to four new templates each month, as needed.

“Our engineers have experience working with Scala in the past, and we are pleased with Scala’s ability to seamlessly control our LED equipment,” said Dennis Hickey, Managing Director at Sansi North America. “We choose Scala because we feel that the scheduling and playback elements are the best and most user-friendly on the market. We pride ourselves on the quality of our displays, so it is important to have a stable and proven operating system to coexist with our product.”

“Imperatives was a key partner on this project and our Scala guru,” Hickey continued. “Imperatives had to work with a difficult schedule, odd hours and a project site with multiple trades. Their engineers and system integrators worked efficiently with our engineers to provide a final product that was well-received by our client.”

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