Release 4.0.1 of Designer and Player are posted


Before this blog started, we also posted 4.0.1 Designer and Player updaters to Here are the changes:

Scala Player5 and Scala Designer5 Release 4.0.1:

  • Certain WMVs would appear not show their end-time in
    Release 4. Now fixed.
  • If you set a Flash clip to loop infinitely, Scala was sometimes
    deciding prematurely that the Flash clip had ended. This is
    now fixed.
  • Fixed a rare crash involving Flash clips.
  • Fixed a rare crash in sound handling.

Scala Designer5 Release 4.0.1:

  • Fixed a case where hitting Enter in an empty element
    would leave you with no text-cursor visible.
  • Fixed a problem where Collect Files would fail if the
    script has sub-scripts.

Scala Player5 Release 4.0.1:

  • Fixed a problem where Release 4 players could end up not
    returning health or billing logs to Content Manager.
  • Fixed a problem where the IntegrateContentLocally COM
    interface could erroneously clean up files whose name was
    similar to the file just added.



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