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Content Manager 4.0.16 and 5.0.4 are now available

Posted on September 16th, by Peter Cherna. No Comments


When we added proxy-server support to the Content Manager File Uploader, we inadvertently shortened one of the timeouts, so the File Uploader could fail to connect properly in some cases.  We fixed that in the Content Manager 4.0.16 updater — the only change in that version.  The Release 5.0.4 updater has that fix, plus several others.   

Content Manager 5 Release 4.0.16

  • Corrected the network timeout values for the Content Manager
    File Uploader

Content Manager 5 Release 5.0.4

  • Corrected the network timeout values for the Content Manager
    File Uploader
  • Fixed a problem where if today is the 31st of the month, then
    the pop-up calendar control would show months using the wrong
    first day of the month.
  • Fix for the MessageRS.get and MessageRS.list
    web-service calls so that the TemplateID field is
    properly filled out.
  • Fix for the GetPlayerHealth web-service call so that it
    returns correct date information.
  • In the CreateTimeslot web service, fixed handling of
    start-date/end-date, and of color information.
  • Fixed a problem where long player names could lead to errors in
    the Playback Audit parser.
  • Fixed a potential race condition when multiple Playback Audit
    reports are being generated at the same time.



Release 5.0.3 here, important for international Release 5 customers

Posted on September 11th, by Peter Cherna. No Comments


We hit a snag that was related to our efforts to get IPv6 working.  It turns out that in at least some cases, Players installed in a Chinese, Japanese, or Korean locale are having trouble downloading content files that use Asian characters in their media file names.  This also affects publishing from Designer and the Publish Automation EX Module.   If you are using English filenames, you are unaffected by this problem.

We're hard at work on the full fix, but in the interim we have made Release 5.0.3, that basically restores Release 4 behavior in this area.  That lets you keep working, but unfortunately disables IPv6.  Most people aren't using IPv6 yet, so this seems like the right interim step for us to take.

To re-enable IPv6 (but Asian filenames will again be a problem), add this to your MMOS.INI file:


Sorry for any inconvenience.  We hope to post here shortly about a new update that fully supports IPv6 and Asian filenames without headaches.

The updaters are freshly out from our testing team, and are being posted as I write this.



Release 5 is now here!

Posted on September 9th, by Peter Cherna. No Comments

Hi all,

We're especially pleased to announce that we have posted the entire set of Release 5 updaters to  This major release brings tons of new features, improvements, and bug fixes.  See the full release notes here.

Here are some of the biggest highlights:

  • Support for a variety of Media Appliances (hardware MPEG
    players, Photo Frames, etc.)
  • Support for Audio Only channels and Players.
  • Performance optimizations for playback on Ultra Low Cost PCs.
  • New transitions engine with 3D effects.
  • Approvals notification by email, with thumbnail and hyperlink back
    to Content Manager.
  • Improved Player Health within Content Manager.
  • Improved Playback Audit Reports in Content Manager.
  • Media Item and Playlist duration in Content Manager and
  • Better thumbnail quality in Content Manager and Ad Manager.
  • Ability to choose playlists in Templated Messages (combine the
    scripting power of Designer with the media management of
    Content Manager.)
  • Proof-of-Play analysis, reporting, and searching within Ad
  • Flexible rate-cards in Ad Manager, for digital screens and
    static faces.
  • IPv6 support.

Again, please see the full release notes for all the details — this is a very rich release.