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Release 4.0.15 of Content Manager is now posted

Posted on September 9th, by Peter Cherna. No Comments

Hi, we've posted the 4.0.15 updater for Content Manager.  This adds proxy-server settings to the File Uploader.  You can find the new options in the File Uploader under Tools > Network Settings.



Release 4.0.14 of Content Manager is now posted

Posted on August 13th, by Peter Cherna. No Comments

Hi.  We're pleased to bring you our latest update.

Scala Content Manager Release 4.0.14

  • Fixed a problem where if a Media Item is referenced by a very
    large number of playlists, plan generation could fail when the database
    used was MS SQL Server 2005.
  • Fixed a problem where if a player reports the "failed reboot"
    status, it won't update its status in Content Manager.

Kind regards,


Release 4.0.13 of Content Manager, Designer, and Player is now available

Posted on July 30th, by Peter Cherna. No Comments


We've posted the 4.0.13 updaters.  These address the following issues:

Content Manager

  • Fixed a problem that could prevent the Playback Audit Parser
    from running (the ContentManager.log file contained an error
    about a problem patching the file resources.xml).
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent cleaning up old revisions of
  • Fixed a problem in cleanup of old maintenance tasks that could
    lead to exceptions.

Designer and Player

  • Fixed a memory leak that could occur when using Windows
  • Fixed a bug that occasionally could cause a script to wait
    forever waiting for a text crawl to finish.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a cued text crawl to stop getting
    more text to display.
  • The Queue EX Module now supports the latest protocol from
    Q-MATIC, the "Q-WIN API Client".


  • Fixed a problem where a playlist item could get skipped when
    certain plan updates occur.