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Release 4.0.12 of Player and Designer available

Posted on July 9th, by Peter Cherna. No Comments


We've posted the 4.0.12 updaters for Player and Designer.  A handful of customers have been encountering a hang during playback.  This one proved extremely tough to beat, and we're sorry it took so long to get a full fix out. (4.0.9 contained a fix to one part of the problem, 4.0.12 fixes the remainder.)



Release 4.0.11 of Content Manager and Player is now available

Posted on June 30th, by Peter Cherna. No Comments

Scala Content Manager 5:

  • Added Turkish translation for Content Manager.
  • Fixed problem seen when using Internet Explorer 8, where
    dragging a playlist item would leave it "stuck" to the mouse.
  • In Russian and Chinese installations, the default database
    connection value of "localhost" was translated when it should
    not have been. Now fixed.   

Scala Player 5:

  • Improved the billing-log upload process to prevent cases that
    caused the Playback Audit EX Module to re-parse older logs that
    had already been processed.
  • If a Sub-Playlist uses Play this many items each time,
    the positional memory of which items have been played is now
    retained even when the timeslot changes, or the parent Playlist
    is re-triggered.
  • Fixed a problem where a player that has nothing scheduled for
    the current timeslot would remain black even when the schedule
    was changed to include content.

All Installers

  • On Russian-language systems, the text shown in the installer
    was garbled. This is now fixed, in all installers we make for 4.0.11 or later.

Release 4.0.10 of Content Manager is now posted

Posted on June 22nd, by Peter Cherna. No Comments


We've added a small feature to Content Manager that had recently been requested.

Content Manager:

  • You can now specify the number of items to play for Event Triggers.