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Release 4.0.9 of Designer and Player is now Posted

Posted on June 12th, by Peter Cherna. No Comments


We just posted Release 4.0.9 of Designer and Player.  (Astute counters will note that we skipped 4.0.8 — that was a stepping stone interim release we made for a specific reason on the way to the 4.0.9 set of fixes).

Designer and Player Release 4.0.9

  • Fixed several rare race conditions that could lead to a hang in

Designer and Player Release 4.0.8

  • Fixed a race condition that could hang a page with a Movie or
    MovieClip (or other animation) on it, if the page was aborted
    or the MovieClip was transitioned-out at exactly the wrong

Player Release 4.0.9

  • If you run the Player under a limited-user account, Player
    normally logs a Problem 7 report about features that may
    not work without Administrator rights. The problem report can
    be suppressed by setting the MMOS.INI flag:




Release 4.0.7 of Content Manager, Playback Audit, Publish Automation, and Designer is now posted

Posted on June 5th, by Peter Cherna. 2 comments


We have a handful of fixes for you in the Playback Audit EX Module, and also some publish-related problems that led to MD5-errors and incomplete downloads on Players.

Also we fixed a case where Content Manager could show stale or blank thumbnails. (We're still chasing an intermittent problem that many of you have seen with corrupt thumbnails. Sorry we haven't found the root cause of that one yet.)

Content Manager 5 and Playback Audit EX Module:

  • Fixed a problem that could result in stale or blank thumbnails
    being shown.
  • Fixed a problem where the Playback Audit parser would fail to
    delete certain temporary files, and log an error.
  • Fixed a problem where the Playback Audit parser would
    continually reprocess logs that had zero events in them.

Publish Automation EX Module:

  • Fixed a problem with very rapid consecutive publishing of
    scripts that share subscripts. In some cases, this could cause
    Players to be unable to download those subscripts, complaining
    of an MD5 mismatch.


  • Fixed a problem where if you republish a script that includes
    subscripts, without leaving the Publish dialog, this could in
    some cases cause Players to be unable to download those
    subscripts, complaining of an MD5 mismatch.


User Guide for Scala Designer 5 is now available for download

Posted on June 4th, by Peter Cherna. 7 comments


We've been hard at work revising the Designer 5 documentation.  We have a new manual available that is up-to-date through Release 4, and has many other improvements.  Go to and enter your Designer serial number, then click


Download Designer 5 Release 4 Users Guide