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Release 4.0.4 of Scala 5 is now available

Posted on April 27th, by Peter Cherna. 1 Comment

Hi everyone,

I'm happy to announce that we've just posted the 4.0.4 updaters to  — here are the changes:

Multiple Products:

  • When installing under Windows 2000, improved the installer's
    test for the KB835732 Security Update. The installer was
    occasionally believing this required update was missing, when
    in fact it was present.

Scala Content Manager5:

  • Content Manager is now available in a Brazilian Portuguese
  • The Traditional Chinese translation of Content Manager is once
    again correct. (Starting with Release 4, it was showing
    Simplified Chinese.)
  • Fixed a bug where control scripts from one sub-network could be
    visible under other sub-networks.
  • A silent install of Content Manager no longer pops up the dialog to
    confirm the host URL.
  • In the case of a Hosted Content Manager, only the
    Administrator account can see and access license
    information. Users with the Administrators role cannot.
  • Much better performance on the Maintenance Job status
    page for larger networks.

Scala Designer5 and Scala Player5:

  • Improved audio/video sync to fix a desynchronization problem
    seen in some cases when using a TV-capture device. If you see
    this problem, you can fix it by adding the following to your
    MMOS.INI file:


    (We hope to make automatically enable an audio/video sync fix in
    a future release.)

Scala Player5:

  • Significantly reduced the size of the Player remote software
  • The Player remote software updater now updates the Release
    Notes files too.
  • Fixed a problem where the Scala System Optimizer would
    fail to run if a Release 3 or earlier player had been
    updated to Release 4.
  • Fixed a problem where a dial-up-based Player would not always
    initiate the dial-up before attempting an internet connection,
    and would not always retry correctly.
  • Improved various connection timeouts, to make the dialup case
    work better. These can be further adjusted using the following
    MMOS.INI settings:


    If the timeout occurs when Player is trying to return logs,
    SCALAWINHTTP_ReceiveTimeoutSeconds is the setting to
    adjust. (Player is timing out waiting to receive the
    server-acknowledgement of the upload, and the upload can be
    quite slow over dial-up.)



Release 4.0.3 of Content Manager is now available

Posted on March 27th, by Peter Cherna. No Comments

(This fix is only needed for customers running Ad Manager, or using Web Services to make playlists.)

Content Manager5:

  • Fixed a problem where playlists created through Web Services,
    or from Ad Manager, could in some cases omit some items.



Release 4.0.2 of Designer and Player includes one additional valuable fix

Posted on March 12th, by Peter Cherna. No Comments

Release 4.0.2 contains one fix that was not mentioned in the release notes or the original announcement.  It's a pretty valuable fix, so I felt it was worth a separate mention.

Scala Designer5 and Scala Player5:

  • Optimized handling of Movies and Movie clips to eliminate a
    significant delay before they started playing.

(The original blog post has been updated to reflect this.)