Scala Ascend Initiative

Quickly create compelling digital signage content

Digital signage for your store, restaurant, school or business should be powerful yet easy to design, deploy and manage. Quickly get high quality digital signage content playing and easily updated on your network with Scala Ascend.

The pillars of Ascend, Scala Apps, Scala Knowledge Base and Channel Layouts, empower technical and non-technical users alike to get digital signage content up and running within the first day of use. These foundational pillars of Ascend will evolve to meet user needs and become more robust over time.

Organizations of all sizes — from large enterprises to small businesses — can benefit from Scala Ascend, rapidly creating, deploying and refining compelling digital signage content.

Ascend levels up ease of use and empowers non-technical users to get digital signage content up and running within the first day of use. Scala Apps workflow and the template and training that comes with Channel Layouts removes complexity from digital signage content creation, design and scheduling.

Ascend was created and will evolve with a consistent goal — empowering our users to get compelling content on displays in the easiest and quickest way.



Fully designed pieces of digital signage content — such as welcome, events, accolades, weather and more — that are easily updated with your message specifics.


New, completely revamped technical documentation of the Scala platform, with deep insight into best practices, troubleshooting and product features and capability.


Custom, fully branded digital signage channel layout created by Scala Professional Services, which becomes the standard for your team to quickly populate the layout with content and messaging.

Benefits of Scala Ascend Initiative

Powerful Digital Signage Content

Improve communications in your business or organization with relevant, personal digital signage content.

Quickly Create Content

Ascend templates, training and documentation empowers all users to create and deploy digital signage content, regardless of technical skills.

Compelling Digital Signage

Eyecatching, customizable design of your message captures greater attention and retention of information

Digital Signage Best Practices

Designed from the ground up with digital signage best practices in mind, Ascend’s pillars ensure you create the highest quality digital signage messaging.

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