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Discover how Einstein Healthcare Network improved upon an existing digital display network with Scala - to easily and efficiently inform hospital visitors.

Project summary

Using strategically placed digital signage, Einstein wanted to keep patients, visitors and staff current about news, time-sensitive updates and increase awareness about the brand.

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At a Glance


Goal: Easily and efficiently communicate with hospital visitors by improving upon existing digital signage network


Challenge: Implement a way to share important corporate, health and wellness messaging, including messages that are specific to different locations, during a global pandemic


Solution: Partner with full solution provider Scala to create a new easily managed digital signage network


Result: An effective communication platform that has improved brand awareness, conveys critical, timely information and is well supported.

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Goal & Challenge

Goal: Easily and efficiently communicate with hospital visitors by improving upon existing digital signage network. 

Challenge: To share important corporate, health and wellness messaging across a digital signage network at multiple locations while being able to easily manage, update and tailor content in real time, per specific screen.

With multiple digital display endpoints at six different locations, there were many components to the project, and it was important for Einstein to find a technology partner that provides an effective end-to-end solution. With the heightened need to communicate during the 2020 pandemic, there was an immediacy to replace the legacy system. Doing so while occupancy and distancing restrictions were in effect presented significant logistical challenges, as well as finding a digital signage provider who was willing to go above and beyond to meet the challenges head on. Additionally, the legacy system in place was underdelivering on quality, display uptime and support, and Einstein required that the new solution allow for effective network health monitoring.

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To partner with Scala, a full solution provider, in order to create a network of digital displays showing corporate content at all six Einstein healthcare locations, while retaining the ability to update and tailor messages specific to each location, in real time.

While Einstein had IT and facilities teams dedicated to the network’s success, one employee was responsible for managing the system. Scala’s training and sales engineering teams stepped in to give Einstein full support on best practices for digital signage implementation, content display and display/player network management. This included bespoke training on using Scala’s core digital signage platform to be able to manage and deploy content from one central system, ensuring the right, timely message reached the right display at the correct location.

Types of messaging includes donor recognition and doctor profiles that play on displays across the full network, as well as timely COVID-19-related updates and location-specific content on custom playlists.

Scala provided a full solution — including digital displays, hardware mounts, Scala Media Players, installation and training — within the timeframe of the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Scala’s training team worked with Alex Felts, Einstein Healthcare’s Manager of Creative Services, to ensure the project was a success — from working with Scala Enterprise Content Manager, using drag-and-drop functionality, flexible playlists, maintenance, player monitoring and more, to implement the solution.

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The new system is an effective communication platform that has improved brand awareness, as well as a means of conveying critical, timely information across multiple locations with assurances of network health. Einstein has confidence that their branding and messaging are deployed and maintained across all locations.

Ease of Content Management and Deployment

With one dedicated person operating the network, the Scala platform offered user friendly content management and administration. Despite having requirements of screens of various sizes and configurations needing to play specific content at the right location at the right time, network administration is intuitive and effective.

With the solution supporting a network that spanned multiple locations, the new solution had Scala’s full support from services, sales and training teams, as well as the system monitoring already in place to ensure network health.

Scala provided not only the full technology solution — from hardware to software and installation support — but also the deep knowledge and commitment to partnership, training the customer on what they needed for success.

About Einstein Healthcare Network

We began with what was, in the late 1800s, a remarkable and forward-thinking creed: to provide medical care to "the sick and wounded without regard to creed, color or nationality." Today, we continue to honor that legacy, and our primary mission remains true to the founders’ intent—and our health system has grown and evolved in ways they could not have imagined. We proudly provide compassionate, high-quality healthcare throughout the Greater Philadelphia region, and have gained a reputation for excellence and innovation.