White Paper | Edge of Tomorrow

By Scala Team
November 11, 2022

Set to revolutionize retail, discover what shelf edge digital signage can offer your brand.

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With 76% of purchase decisions and 80% of brand-switch decisions made at the shelf edge, there is massive potential for brands to influence customer decision making and increase sales using shelf edge digital signage.

Explore the potential for brands to increase sales, reduce waste and create incremental revenue opportunities with shelf-edge digital signage in the latest white paper from Scala. Using international data and specific use cases, the paper examines the potential for shelf edge digital signage to revolutionize operations across retail.

Discover how:

  • Shelf edge signage influences the journey to purchase
  • The role shelf edge signage has in minimizing food waste
  • The impact of labor and stock shortages can be mitigated by shelf edge technology
  • Sensor and data integration can create personalized shopping experiences