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A switch to digital can reduce operational costs while at the same time improving operational efficiency, quality of care and patient experience. With an easy-to-operate and easily updatable platform, digital displays ensure accurate information is being conveyed to patients and employees at all times, reinforcing patient confidence in their healthcare choice. Employees are able to focus on tasks when patients receive information from digital displays, self-service and wayfinding kiosks.

Improved experience and care

Digital makes an impact on doctor offices and hospitals for visitors, patients and healthcare staff alike. Screens in waiting rooms can immediately impact the patient experience by informing while entertaining – displaying relevant office information, showing real-time wait expectations, integrating with live news feeds and videos while wayfinding kiosks can help them quickly find their destination, easing frustrations. For employees, digital displays keep staff in sync and informed of wait times, database information, protocols and training.

  • Integrate displays with third-party applications such as scheduling systems to ensure patients are always receiving the most update to date information
  • Reduce perceived wait times with entertaining videos, live news feeds and social media
  • Incorporate new technology such as beacons, mobile apps and self-service kiosks to streamline service and empower customers
  • Generate new revenue by promoting additional services and offering advertising opportunities
  • Extend the digital solution into the cafeteria menu boards and include nutritional guidelines, tips and information

Communication that’s always up-to-date, relevant and engaging

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Scala Digital Signage Possibilities

Putting patients and visitors at ease is important in healthcare institutions

And when patients and their families have questions, they need them answered as quickly as possible.
Scala digital signage has the innovative techniques and visual tools that enable you to easily and immediately provide everyone with the right information in a personal environment.

Digital solutions ensure your patients are getting accurate, relevant information in a timely manner. Scala digital signage projects are found in hospitals, doctorsoffices, clinics and healthcare campuses worldwide.

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  • Presence in 100 countries
  • More than 500,000 active screens

Scala digital signage projects are found in hospitals, doctors’ offices, clinics and healthcare campuses worldwide.

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