An Interactive Digital Solution at Kiehl’s


To create an engaging, informative, and interactive digital solution for the UK stores of American cosmetics brand Kiehl’s, trusted Scala technology to bring an innovative ‘Lift and Learn’ retail solution to life.

Project summary

Pixel Inspiration used Scala technology to create an engaging, informative, and interactive digital solution for the UK stores of American cosmetics brand Kiehl’s. Using various sizes of digital signage Pixel utilized Scala screens and media player to create a bespoke Lift and Learn solution to provide a unique product discovery and exploration opportunity for customers. Scala and Pixel Inspiration have worked with the luxury cosmetics brand, part of the larger L’Oreal Group, since 2008.

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Goal & Challenge

Goal: Give customers a unique way to explore Kiehl’s products and learn more about them, while also giving Kiehl’s invaluable customer insights to hone marketing messages and inform the product offering.

Kiehl’s required an innovative and audience-winning way to elevate the store window and in-store digital experience. Having already employed various digital screens within their locations, Kiehl’s wanted something that would inspire a more hands-on product exploration experience.

Challenge: Create an innovative digital solution that marks out Kiehl’s from other cosmetics brands.

The solution has to be reliable and flexible with highlighted products and content able to be updated as needed and be scalable to work effectively in stores of different sizes.

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Working with the experienced Kiehl’s team, Pixel Inspiration developed a digital strategy that would help the brand communicate the unique properties of their products to customers and encourage product exploration. Designing a ‘Lift and Learn’ activation, Pixel Inspiration created something new for the Kiehl’s store – a scalable form of experiential retail that would attract customer interaction and gather crucial insights into customer preferences.

Through the Lift and Learn solution, customers can pick up a product to learn more about it. As the product is lifted, content is automatically triggered to play on a larger scale display. Combining digital display technology, interactive touch solutions and a convenient point of purchase design, the digital solution serves not only the customer lifting the product but also attracts attention from others in store and gives Kiehl’s key customer insights via an integrated analytics engine. The solution is flexible and scalable using a variety of screen sizes with products and content switched in and out as needed. All displays in the solution are powered by a single Scala media player.

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The creative digital activations within the Kiehl’s store gives customers a unique way to explore the range of Kiehl’s products and gives the cosmetics brand key data on the displayed products. The incorporation of the Lift and Learn solution with larger format screens creates retail theatre which not only serves the customer activating the experience but also attracts the attention of other shoppers in store.

Communicating the key brand attributes of Kiehl’s, the activation designed by Pixel Inspiration is welcoming, interactive and responsive. Scala technology is now in over 45 Kiehl’s locations in the UK and Europe with new installations, managed by Pixel Inspiration, planned for the future.

The Lift and Learn solution used by Kiehl’s would work well for a variety of retail brands. Using incremental space within a store, a Lift and Learn display offers a hands-on experience for customers to discover products, explore their attributes and compare against other items. The insights gained from a Lift and Learn activation also offer brands unique access into how customers feel about different products, the product features which are important to customers and the ways in which the customers compare and explore different items. The applications for a Lift and Learn solution are vast and could work across different types of retail such as grocery where items such as bottles of wine could be compared or sports retail where equipment or shoes could be handled and explored by customers.

Images and video courtesy of Pixel Inspiration.


About Kiehl's and Pixel Inspiration

Kiehl’s is an American cosmetics brand that specialises in premium quality skin, hair, and body care products. Since 2000 Kiehl’s have been part of the larger L’Oreal Group and as of 2018 they have over 250 retail stores worldwide with over 1000 additional points of sale. Pixel Inspiration are a leading Scala integrator who work with some of the world’s major brands to deliver fully managed, dynamic and integrated, digital signage for corporate and customer communication.