First Abu Dhabi Bank


Scala and Synchronized Business Solutions Brings the “Wow” Factor to First Abu Dhabi Bank.

Project summary

First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB) sought a digital solution to reinvigorate and modernize its new Head Office branch in Cairo. FAB required a Head Office experience with the “wow” factor — one that conveyed the innovative and modern nature of the brand. As part of the Scala solution, digital touchpoints such as screens, interactive terminals and personal device integration replaced paper marketing material such as posters and brochures.

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Goal & Challenge

Goal: Create a paperless banking environment that conveys the forward-looking brand values of FAB, as well as clearly communicates bank operations and services to customers. 

Keen to convey the forward-facing vision of the bank as well as its commitment to customer service, the environment and utilizing technology to better serve its clients, FAB sought to create a seamless digital customer experience in its newly renovated Cairo Head Office branch. The Head Office branch needed to have the “wow” factor able to impress the valued customers of the branch as well as enticing potential new clients.

Challenge: Eliminate paper from FAB branches and still be able to clearly communicate with customers in a bespoke manner. 

FAB wanted to offer a fully digitized and eco-friendly space to their clients. With a desire to go paperless, design partner Synchronized Business Solutions (SBS), powered by Scala, had to develop a digital solution that allowed customers to easily access the information that they needed and also be kept informed of bank operations and promotional offers. The FAB Head Office Branch in Cairo needed to demonstrate the brand’s commitment to technology, customer convenience, compliance and safety. As a showcase of the bank’s brand values, the installed digital solution needed to be visually and operationally impressive, while offering up-to-date information and a seamless experience for walk-in customers.

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SBS, using Scala technology, designed, installed and continues to maintain interactive digital signage that effectively engages bank clients and demonstrates the future-forward ethos of the FAB brand.

Fully digitalised and eco-friendly, the implemented SBS eBrochure solution, a first for the bank, has transformed FAB into a paperless and clutter-free environment. Using interactive digital displays within the bank’s branches means that customers can access the information they need and also transfer any on-screen content to their personal smart devices.

The integration of complementary SaaS systems and technology, means that customers can get a fully rounded experience with even a ‘call back’ option in relation to any of the products or services they were interested in via the in-bank screens. While they wait for their in-person appointments, customers can be served relevant bank information through screens smartly located within the branch premises. All on-screen content is easily created and scheduled via the central HQ where it can be instantly deployed across the entire branch network. This ensures customers receive the latest offers and relevant up to date information such as interest rates and exchange rates that are directly integrated with the bank’s system.

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The installed solutions are seamlessly set up on one centralized platform, taking into account every aspect of the customer journey within the bank, working with the architecture of the FAB Head Office Branch in Cairo to offer visually stunning digital displays that communicate clearly with clients and articulate the modern-banking approach of FAB.

The digital experience opens with an elegant set of seven intermittent screens that welcome customers to the bank. These screens can be scheduled to show unique content on individual screens or synchronized for integrated, large-form messaging. The installation also includes an eight-metre long LED screen that can be seen from all of the meeting rooms within the Head Office Branch and an impressive curved pillar display with the branch premises.

SBS, using Scala technology, were also entrusted to design and install the display technology within the Elite branch of FAB, implementing a conceptual luxury solution for the bank’s premium clients that brings to life valuable artistic pieces in a unique ambiance of refined taste.


About First Abu Dhabi Bank

FAB, the UAE’s largest bank and one of the world’s largest and safest institutions, offers an extensive range of tailor-made solutions, and products and services, to provide a customised experience. Through its strategic offerings, it looks to meet the banking needs of customers across the world via its market-leading Corporate and Investment Banking and Personal Banking franchises. SBS was founded in the Middle East over 13 years ago and grew into one of the leading digital solution providers within the region, alongside other services such as Enterprise IT security solutions, consultancy and managed services.