Dooh & Outdoor Digital Signage


Guarantee reliable, timely delivery of curated content to digital signage displays


Dynamically change rich-media content on any screen based on environmental triggers in real time


Rotating messages with eye-catching visuals on one large display

DOOH and Outdoor Solutions
Outdoor digital signage offers a host of opportunities and benefits for businesses that implement it as part of their marketing efforts.

Stop worrying about printing services and save some time and money. Instead of designing single-use banners for a revolving door of promotions, easily change and update promotional content on your digital display. Digital signage will allow you to eliminate unnecessary waste and keep your guests up-to-date on promotions, events and any other relevant information you want to push to a broad audience.

DOOH can be programmed with easily updated rotating messages — with no need for marketing expertise. Displays can include promotions your business is running, advertisements, events and more. Or list operational information, such as business hours or a “now hiring” sign. There are as many possibilities as you can think of.

Additionally, you can broadcast images and posts from your brand’s social media feed to engage customers and raise brand awareness. Not only does this grab the attention of your guests, but it also encourages them to engage with your company online. If your goal is to increase your online presence as well as gain more in-person visitors, this is the perfect solution.

Scala Digital Signage Solutions for Every Market
The Scala platform guarantees reliable, timely delivery of curated content to outdoor digital signage to enhance outdoor advertising for any project. Digital out of home (DOOH) signage and content acceleration deliver dynamically changing rich-media content to any outdoor screen based on environmental triggers in real time. Businesses can heighten the way audiences engage with their brand by implementing a scalable, smart solution prompted to adapt based on environmental factors. With Scala, you can easily display engaging high-definition information, products, brand messages and more.

Scala’s DOOH & outdoor digital signage solutions are ideal across industries: QSR, corporate communications, education, medical facilities and more will benefit from outdoor signage.The effectiveness of outdoor advertising has been recognized for many years, but utilizing outdoor digital signage makes it a whole new medium. Instantaneous updates, rotating messages and eye-popping visuals with motion all come standard with digital out of home displays.

Scala partners with some of the world’s largest and most innovative tech companies like Walkbase and STRATACACHE to offer constant, stable and reliable performance. Based in Philadelphia, PA, we operate within a global network of digital signage experts which spans to over 90 countries. As a result of more than 30 years in the field, we have installed over 500,000 indoor and outdoor digital signage units around the world. Our flexible platform was designed specifically to help you reach your business goals.