Scala Releases Scala Enterprise 13.00

MALVERN, PA, US — December 8, 2022 — Scala today announced the release of its flagship digital signage platform, Scala Enterprise version 13.00, a major release that introduces a number of highly requested features into the product. Scala, part of the STRATACACHE family of technology companies, continues to add significant investments to enhance the digital signage platform for more than 16,000 clients in stores, restaurants, transportation hubs, corporate campuses and more.

“The motivation behind the content chosen for Scala Enterprise R13.00 was two-fold.” said Rob Aita, Director of Product Management at Scala. “First, the evolution of the Windows 64-bit player engine sets the foundational stage for future innovation. Second, key operational improvements were added in the form of an integrated player-based preview function and deeper insight into the plan generation process.”

Highlights of Scala Enterprise 13.00:

  • The Windows 64-bit player engine is available for new installation and upgrades for players in the network. Windows 64-bit players can take advantage of improved HTML performance and the “Player Snapshot” feature previously only available on the Linux platform.
  • Player-based preview functionality is fully integrated with Scala Content Manager. Users can now configure playback parameters from a unified screen in Content Manager, allowing them to validate current and/or future expected content from another physically connected player in the network.
  • Monitor and stop plan generation tasks with a click of a button. This new feature provides an overview of past, current and future plan generation tasks and lets users cancel certain jobs before they start.
  • Enhanced Provisioning is now available for LINQ tablets, with the Scala Media Player-R soon to come, which allows users to complete the commissioning process from any Wi-Fi capable device.

“Scala is committed to listening to our customer base and building features into our product that satisfy their needs. This release combines the introduction of highly requested new functionality, while also continuing with foundational improvements, such as the 64-bit player engine, that will allow us to innovate on the platform at a faster pace in future releases,” said Kevin Carbone, CEO of Scala.