Scala Displays Shopper Engagement Tech at Retail Show 2023

Sittard, The Netherlands, 17 April 2023 — Scala today announced the in-store technology focused solutions that will be on display at Retail Technology Show 2023, all of which improve automation, engagement and personalization while also gathering and applying powerful shopper insights on digital display. Scala’s retail technology experts can be found in stand 6G58 at the Retail Technology Show, being held 26 and 27 April in Olympia, London.

Scala brings “smart” digital signage — display, sensor, mobile and emerging technology — to stores at scale, enhancing the in-store experience and increasing profitability through solutions such as automation and shopper personalization. Solutions in the booth are created, deployed and run on Scala’s in-house full solution, including an intuitive smart digital signage platform, digital signage hardware and a global professional services team with an extensive portfolio of proven success.

“The conversations we’re having with major retailers shows that not just wanting, but needing digital engagement in the store is incredibly important to gain full shopper engagement and loyalty. Our solutions allow you to level up with ecommerce options, bringing in elements of product discovery, automation and personalization that you would otherwise only find online,” said Harry Horn, VP of global marketing and GM of EMEA.

Some of the in-store shopper engagement solutions include:
In-store insights and data: our in-house sensor based technology, Walkbase, gathers in-store analytics such as traffic, pathing, dwell and more. View the data on a user-friendly dashboard where you can then use the data to further analyze and elevate your in-store experience.

Lift & Learn with Assisted Selling Kiosk: Captivate your shoppers with this interactive fixture that offers side-by-side product discovery as well as the ability to video chat a product expert.

Modernized Gondola Displays: Integrate digital displays into standard retail gondola shelves to modernize your store while creating a personalized experience for each customer.

Pick and Play: Using large format screens with QR code functionality, customers can easily access information such as product location, reviews, videos and more and transfer directly to their personal devices for a moment of experiential retail.