Scala Announces Release of Scala Enterprise 13.20

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MALVERN, PA, US, December 13, 2023 – Scala today announces a new release of its core digital signage platform, Scala Enterprise 13.20. The release focuses on implementing improvements and integrating new features to enhance user experience, while also introducing a new player to the Scala hardware portfolio…

New features in Scala Enterprise 13.20 include:
· Custom DPC commands: Along with the currently available native player commands (ex. display on/off), a user can now add their own custom Direct Player Control (DPC) commands that can be remotely executed from Content Manager.
· Enhanced password encryption: Maintaining safety and security is of utmost importance. Passwords throughout Scala Enterprise are now updated with strengthened encryption using a more advanced and secure algorithm.
· Templates – color palettes and picker fields: Elevate your templates with color palettes which can be applied to text, backgrounds, shadows and more.
· Templates – new variable fields: Add variables to templates like long duration, short duration, dates and times to maximize efficiencies around dynamic data.

“We’re excited to continue with our commitment of offering two releases each year with our launch of Scala Enterprise 13.20. This release improves upon some of our newer features including DPC and Scala Apps.” said Rob AIta, Scala Director of Product Management.

“It also introduces the Player-NX4 into our hardware lineup. The Player-NX4 allows Scala to now offer support in outdoor high-temperature environments.” Aita added. Developed by Scala’s engineering team, the Player-NX4 is a four port player built to withstand the elements, making it a reliable content delivery system for outdoor signage. The Player-NX4 protects itself from dust and debris with its fanless design, and can function in temperatures up to 55° Celsius/131° Fahrenheit. For more information and pricing, please reach out to a Scala Sales Representative.

User convenience is top of mind with Scala’s newest release, as improvements have been made to Scala Apps’ messaging. Users can now apply media metadata values to messages before they are created. Other improvements continue to emphasize security as a priority, such as verifying SAML token signatures for single sign-on (SSO) with Content Manager.

The latest release, Enterprise 13.20, is available at for customers under current Scala Maintenance. For more detailed information on the features included in R13.20, please visit the Scala Knowledge Base.