Scala Content Manager

Scala Content Management allows you to manage your content and deploy it to your digital network, with dozens or thousands of players, from any Internet-connected computer.

This digital signage management allows you to create timetables and playlists to help keep your marketing and development teams on track. Template support and plan-based content distribution also come with this digital signage scheduling software. Navigate through Scala Content Manger’s user-friendly interface and manage all types of media effectively.

Scala Designer

Scala Designer digital signage software was created to help marketers produce polished, professional digital signage content at all levels. The intuitive interface makes it easy to combine elements such as text, images, graphics, video, sound and animation for the ultimate engaging content. Scala Designer also handles converting files or re-rendering, easily aggregating multiple media formats for images, video, audio, streaming and HTML. This aspect of the software gives marketers more control over the final playback quality, because the file is rendered live and leaves the original data unaltered.

Scala Player

Scala Player software delivers stable and reliable 24/7 playback even if your network connection goes down. By sending content directly to media players using store-and-forward technology means never having to worry about blank screens. As part of the Scala Enterprise, Scala Player keeps a log of events for simplified ad billing and error tracking and has the ability to update on-air without interruption.

This aspect of the content manager is compatible with both Linux and Windows. Scala Player also delivers smooth sub-pixel movement and does not download the files as a whole. Saving only the changes that were made, the software mitigates choppiness and eliminates unnecessary content. This seamless interface can also play back interactive videos on a touchscreen monitor for ease-of-use.

Scala Designer Cloud

Scala Designer Cloud is an easy-to-use, intuitive, web-based composition and design tool that enables users to create beautiful, compelling and engaging digital signage. Designer Cloud is native to Scala Enterprise 12, allowing users to publish projects to Saas-based Content Manager with ease for scheduling and playback on Linux and Windows Scala Media Players.

Scala Designer Cloud is directed towards novice to intermediate content creators who prefer a web-based tool that is easy to use, convenient and reliable with workflows to seamlessly share, preview and deploy their projects.