Blog | Generating Great Experiences and More at Shoptalk Europe

By Darren Cremins
June 4, 2024

Shoptalk Europe highlights the importance of in-store experiences and the potential of user-generated engagement for brands.

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Shoptalk Europe is proving itself a hub of interesting conversations, enthusiastic questions and innovative potential answers.  The momentum for the in-store experience is clear with many recognizing the opportunities presented by a shopper offer that includes bricks and mortar. Over 80 per cent of grocery sales are still made in-store so the potential benefits of assisting shoppers well in the aisles are immense. It’s no wonder that brands and retailers are keen to get the in-store elements just right.

User generated experiences (UGE) is a topic that has risen a few times in conversations and meetings already — customers engaging with an in-store experience to create a solution or find products that are truly personalized based on the information provided at the point of interaction and possibly also including loyalty data.

Pardon the awkward word play but this could be ‘UGE for brands. For one, it seems to signal a move away from brands acting as a mix of Psychic/Genie – granting the wishes of customers before they even knew what they desire. Convenience is still a priority but with UGE the experience is far more collaborative, with the data shared done so deliberately with a clear goal in mind. Secondly, the data that a brand can get from an effective UGE is valuable. Potentially more detailed than what can be gathered from sales data alone, UGE responses can better inform personalized promotions and loyalty rewards (more on loyalty in a later blog) as well as, when collated, potentially identify new market gaps and opportunities.

At Scala we pride ourselves on captivating in-store experiences that work hard for brands, retailers and the customers they serve. We’ve helped brands create compelling in-store user generated experiences for years. What’s especially exciting for me is the way that these experiences play a role as part of a retail media network. I think they demonstrate why in-store retail media is far more than just an out of home offering. I touched on the differences between a DOOH and a retail media network in my presentation yesterday (thank you to the 300 odd of you that came along). If you’d like to learn more and are fortunate enough to be in Barcelona, then swing by G30 or contact us.