Blog | Kicking off 2023 Trade Shows in Europe – ISE and EuroShop 2023

By Harry Horn
January 25, 2023

If the US’s largest retail trade show is any indicator, trade shows are back and thriving.

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The National Retail Federation’s BIG Show (NRF 2023) wrapped up this week, and the booth was packed with retailers eager to talk in-store challenges and retail tech. Later this month, the Scala EMEA team will head to Barcelona for Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2023 to experience the latest technologies from leading organizations across the globe.

AV and Integrations at ISE 2023

ISE is the world’s leading AV and integrations exhibition — not just focused on the retail sector, but spanning all industries — with over 700 exhibitors including the world’s largest brands and 40,000+ attendees. During the four day event, you can experience the latest in technologies from top innovators, attend conference sessions with insights from tech leaders and network with experts across multiple industries.

Scala Integrated Tech Solutions at ISE

At the show, stop by booth 6K150. We’ll have a wide range of digital marketing solutions on display to demonstrate how to use technology to increase engagement, build brand loyalty and modernize the environment, meeting the demands of the new consumer experience.

Everything in the booth showcases Scala’s full solution delivery. Our own services team created the solutions on display, which run on both Scala Enterprise digital signage platform and our own in-house hardware. This includes cutting edge digital shelf edge displays, powerful digital signage media players and commercial grade, large-format LINQ tablets. (We’re also having a party in the stand. Be sure to stop by to grab an invitation.) If you’re heading to Barcelona, please stop by! You can check out the wide range of technology we’ll have in the booth, see a video overview of last year’s booth, as well as schedule a personal tour of our booth by clicking here.

In our booth, you’ll find Scala’s “smart” digital signage solutions — a combination of digital displays, sensors and AI to deliver a truly personalized experience to your audience. As you’re looking at your 2023 goals, are you looking to do more with less? Pivot to shopper preferences in real time? Overcome inefficiencies? Offset lack of labor? All our solutions, both customer-facing and back of the house, open up ways to take on these challenges and succeed.

Next Gen Retail Tech at EuroShop 2023

Soon after ISE, the European trade show tour continues. We’re heading to EuroShop 2023, in Düsseldorf, Germany, 26 February – 2 March. Retailers from all over the world will be attending to see the latest tech, travel through immersive experiences, and create lasting connections and partnerships with leading retail brands. This year, EuroShop created the eight dimensions of retail which consists of product specific experiences that are grouped together for seamless navigation of the event.

Scala Retail Tech at EuroShop 2023

On display, you’ll find retail-focused solutions that use technology in the store to greatly increase customer engagement and make the shopping experience easy, consistent and repeatable. Incorporating these factors throughout the entire shopping journey are paramount to ensure that casual shoppers become loyal customers. Customers’ needs and expectations of in-store shopping have changed drastically since the pandemic, and the retail industry is continuing to implement digital solutions to improve their in-store environment. We’ll showcase our digital signs, automated ordering systems, gondola displays and more in multiple retail settings to demonstrate the versatility of these modernized digital technologies. If you’d like to schedule a private tour of our booth, click here.

Scala Marketing Technology Solutions — What to Expect to See

Our in-booth displays will include Scala hardware, software and sensor-based solutions. When you walk through the booth you will see an immersive new customer experience and try out some of our top solutions. Each solution touches on different aspects of engagement throughout the in-store journey.

Scala’s interactive Lift and Learn with Assisted Selling Kiosk (ASK™) automates and enhances product discovery. On-screen messaging informs customers about the product while they are comparing and making decisions. Lift two items from the fixture to trigger the display content to update, helping compare products. An innovative new feature, virtual assistant, allows shoppers to call an expert with embedded peer-to-peer video. This solution was very popular at NRF, with ideas for shoppers to be assisted through the purchase of more complex products, such as electronics, wine or power tools, eliminating the need for a product expert to be constantly manning that area of the store.

Our Gondola solution shows how digital signage can evolve your in-aisle experience, with large format displays, tablets and digital shelf edge displays increasing engagement. Our own hardware, sleek Scala digital shelf-edge displays are great for in-aisle shopping, order pickup areas, end-cap displays and more to create a modern customer experience that is clutter-free, clearly marked and updatable in real time (think split second pricing changes). Additionally, our digital menu board and ordering system improves and automates customer ordering and pickup with tablet-based ordering and digital shelf edge displays, while also improving back of house operations, speed of service and ensuring order accuracy. The solutions on display will be showcasing specific industry settings, but our scalable solutions can be used across all retail sectors such as, fashion, beauty, grocery, transportation, corporate communications, QSR, and much more.

We’ll also show dashboards, heatmaps and data from sensor-based insights that can be gathered throughout your store, or in this case, our booth. To achieve the most personalized, responsive shopping journeys, stores need to be able to understand how customers are interacting with their stores, where they walk, how long they dwell in front of displays, and whether changes in planogram influence that behavior. Stop by to see how our own Walkbase technology can be a major player in bringing personalized shopping experiences and messages to your store.

We are thrilled to be exhibiting our solutions at both ISE and EuroShop at the beginning of this event-filled year!

Written by Harry Horn

General Manager EMEA – Scala & Vice President Marketing Global – STRATACACHE


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