Infographic | 5 Ways to Transform Retail Experiences

By Scala Team
April 3, 2022

Scala’s infographic gives you a 5-tier strategy for delivering an industry leading experience in 2022.

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Consumer preferences have changed dramatically over the past two years. Savvy retailers who can deliver up to these emerging expectations will capture attention, retail traffic, and build relationships with the next generation of shoppers. Scala’s infographic builds prevailing attitudes into a 5-tier strategy for delivering an industry leading experience in 2022.

Understanding How Expectations Have Changed

Since 2020, most consumers have experimented with new ways of shopping, including eCommerce and omnichannel delivery. They have enjoyed features, such as product comparisons, product reviews and personalized limited time offers. Digital shopping has given them a taste for meaningful and rich product information that helps them make more informed, faster decisions about their purchases.

Retailers that can link digital behavior with in-store shopping will not only satisfy shoppers, they will build relationships and trust in the brand, cementing growth for years to come.

In the Infographic, 5 Ways to Deliver Retail Transformation and Exceptional Customer Experiences

  • What capabilities should retailers create?
  • Can retailers expect a sales and efficiency lift from digital transformation?
  • Are there areas of the store that should be automated?
  • What is the best approach to product discovery in 2022?