Infographic | Evolve the In-Branch Experience with Digital Technologies

By Scala Team
June 21, 2021

As technology continues to transform the customer experience in the post-COVID world, retail banks are considering a multitude of digital solutions to optimize and enhance in-branch experiences. Whether you are interacting with visitors in the waiting, brand or drive-thru zone, Scala can help elevate your customer experience.

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Digital signage solutions are a trusted way to accurately deliver timely, relevant information to customers in the bank branch.

Digital signage in retail banking — from street-facing screens to touch screen kiosks, counter displays and mobile — captures customers’ attention and makes messaging more memorable.

As a result, banks currently use digital signage to build brand equity and trust. How do they start, and where? How do banking locations start the conversation, and are there any specific technologies they should place in their needs analysis.

Evolve the In-Branch Experience with Digital Technologies walks through 3 quick, high level takeaways to get your digital signage project off the ground.

Covered by the infographic:

  • What makes designing for digital signage different and what we have learned from customer sentiment and effectiveness research
  • 3 emerging digital banking trends that are revolutionizing the branch experience