Infographic | Six Key Digital Signage Best Practices

By Scala Team
June 2, 2021

You have the digital signage system; now it’s time to optimize your content to maximize engagement. Consider these 6 high-level aspects of digital signage that need to be considered when creating, scheduling and deploying your content.

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When designing and deploying content for digital signage, there are a few unexpected but sensible notes to keep in mind. Digital signage is not completely different than any other visual medium, but there are certainly some unexpected differences that can throw creatives and managers off the mark, especially at first.

That’s why we put together Six Key Digital Signage Best Practices, so that if you are just getting off the ground with your digital signage project, your content starts with the right fundamentals. What do artists say, “It’s all about the fundamentals?”

What is in Six Key Digital Signage Best Practices?

  • Font sizing and legibility
  • ADA Compliance
  • User experience — Thinking through context
  • Graphics and animation
  • Scheduling content for maximum impact
  • Converting with content