Report | Data Deployment

By Scala Team
July 14, 2021

Explore the opportunities for retailers that connect their in-store and online touchpoints to gain crucial customer data and how this information can be used to create an omnichannel and personalized experience.

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95% of the European retailers we interviewed for our benchmarking report, Planning for Post-Pandemic Success, Recovery Solutions and Store Strategies reported that they used sensors in-store to gain key audience insight. However less than half of those that use in-store sensors have this technology integrated with their in-store digital signage. Linking technology across the store and brand touchpoints unlocks huge opportunities for brands to deliver a more personalized experience for shoppers, creating deeper customer loyalty and a more satisfying brand experience.


  • What European retailers think of the omnichannel experience and its importance to their business
  • How data gained across brand touchpoints can be used to create a personalized shopper experience
  • What linking sensors to digital signage can mean for in-store marketing and sales