White Paper | 7 Convenience Retail Digital Menu Board Challenges, Solved

By Scala Team
June 22, 2022

The number one opportunity for convenience stores to drive food sales and loyalty is introducing digital menu boards at key points of communication throughout the store. In this white paper, we help you jumpstart your digital transformation.

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Estimated to be worth £22.6bn in the UK alone by 2024, food to go presents a massive revenue opportunity for grocery and convenience retailers across EMEA. When considering a food to go offering, how can convenience brands optimize their footprint, team expertise and customer experience using digital menu boards? The latest while paper from Scala, 7 Convenience Retail Digital Menu Board Challenges, Solved reveals key considerations when implementing a digital menu board strategy in a convenience store premises.

From digital menu board placement, to content strategy, this white paper shares key menu board insights including:

  • The three most valuable areas of the convenience store where digital signage can produce the largest gains
  • Elements and capabilities of digital signage
  • Advanced content concepts, including real-time menu updates, dayparting, upsell and loyalty recognition opportunities
  • Personalization and monetization with a display ad network
  • Strategy for implementing, scaling, and supporting the technology behind digital signage systems