White Paper | Building Retail

By Scala Team
August 1, 2021

As European spending on home improvement swells, discover what technology can bring to DIY retail and what brands of all types can do to attract customers, boost sales and reduce waste.

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Immersive Retail Experience in a Post-Pandemic World

Download our newest white paper to gain insight into the future of retail in a post-Covid world. Starting with an investigation into the increase in home improvement spending, Building Retail shows how technology can help retailers of all types to build customer loyalty, minimize waste and optimize the shopping experience.

While spending more time at home, many Europeans are turning to home improvement projects. Customers are queuing to get into fashion retailers as lockdowns lift. Retailers have a new opportunity to combine the best of e-commerce, in-store and mobile engagement to optimize the shopping experience and increase customer satisfaction.

Experiential retail concepts

  • New customer behaviours are causing retailers to implement new tech-focused solutions: safety and occupancy, in-aisle consultancy and order pickup
  • Digital displays offer dynamic customer experiences and sales opportunities
  • Technology plays an integral role in delivering aspects of shopping that are key to customer experience including safety, speed of service, flexibility and convenience
  • Combining data from e-commerce, physical store and mobile leads to higher customer satisfaction