Gondola Solution

EMarketer noted that 65% of customers find locating the product they’re looking for a key frustration when shopping in physical stores. With digital displays integrated into standard retail gondola shelves, retailers can incrementally modernize their store while creating a personalized shopping experience and remove the frustration.

The Scala gondola solution combines commercial grade hardware with a powerful content management system to create one of the most engaging consumer experiences. How it works is simple- shoppers use the touchscreen display shelves for product discovery, recipe look-up, and mobile coupon checks. The on-screen content guides customers through various journeys from simple product information and location to instructional cooking videos, which can be downloaded to a phone using a QR code . Nearby digital shelf edge displays running on power over ethernet highlights products shown on screen and can recommend other complementary products. At the same time, grocers can gain deep insights on customer shopping habits, allowing them to deliver an even more personalized experience for the customer in the future.



Provide customers with convenient, personalized shopping to quickly satisfy their shopping lists and discover something new


Easily manage gondola aisles to display a large promotional takeover or provide individual shopping solutions


Mitigate waste by pushing or pulling certain products based on inventory and stock


Gain insights on customer demographics and shopping habits, allowing them to deliver a more personalized experience

Scala clients across sectors such as fashion, cosmetics, grocery and retail banking are integrating digital displays such as the Gondola solution with analytic tools to create more relevant customer experiences and communications. Across the hospitality sector, integrating analytics tools into digital menu boards means brands can create a smart menu system, able to offer relevant options based on guest data. In grocery retail locations, similar systems can create personalized meal planning shopping lists with additional bespoke opportunities available.


Custom Configuration

We understand that our customers may have unique requirements, therefore, Scala solutions can be customized to your specific business needs and desired outcome. Our professional services team will work with you to ensure a customized solution will achieve your near- and long-term project goals.

Product Delivery

Utilize our discovery process to analyze and implement the most optimal way to enhance the consumer experience

Leverage strategic partnerships to bring digital display, sensor, mobile and emerging technology to a global market, at scale

Integrate a flexible, intuitive platform for designing, managing and deploying digital content

Work with a global professional services team with an extensive portfolio of skills; as well as the full range of Scala- and STRATACACHE-branded hardware

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