Scala Digital Menu Boards Solution

Scala digital menu boards elevate customer experience while solving operational challenges. Out-of-the box, Scala digital menu boards support structured, programmatic content, allowing businesses to deliver interactive, personalized digital experiences that optimize based on business data and customer context.

With commercial-grade displays running on Scala Content Manager, Scala supplies robust digital menu board solutions that are highly scalable and easy to deploy with an all-inclusive solution ready to run on day one.

Automatically promote and pull menu items based on availability and profitability. Minimize waste and wait times with the automatic promotion of the most relevant items to customers and the most efficient or high value items for the brand. With Scala digital menu boards, restaurants can show pricing, menu selection, limited time offers and nutritional information with dayparting capabilities to keep menu items relevant throughout the day.



Increase average order sales with dayparting menus


Easily integrates with most standard POS


Custom templates tailored to your brand and messaging


Reliable connection and performance with durable hardware and secure software

As part of the STRATACACHE family of technology companies, Scala Professional Services works with the world’s largest brands on everything from design, to architecture, integration and installation. STRATACACHE currently powers digital menu boards for eight of the top ten QSR brands in the US. Our professional services team will work with you to ensure a customized solution will achieve your near and long-term targets.


Custom Configuration

We understand that our customers may have unique requirements, therefore, Scala solutions can be customized to your specific business needs and desired outcome. Our professional services team will work with you to ensure a customized solution will achieve your near- and long-term project goals.

Product Delivery

Utilize our discovery process to analyze and implement the most optimal way to enhance the consumer experience

Leverage strategic partnerships to bring digital display, sensor, mobile and emerging technology to a global market, at scale

Integrate a flexible, intuitive platform for designing, managing and deploying digital content

Work with a global professional services team with an extensive portfolio of skills; as well as the full range of Scala- and STRATACACHE-branded hardware

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