Smart Pickup Shelving

Smart pickup is a better way to pick up orders at QSR and retailers. Shelves are equipped with digital displays that clearly show the name and status of the order. With Smart Pickup, employees know where to place the order, and customers have a clearer, more streamlined way to monitor and receive their items.

Happy customers talk about great service, and they pay more to receive it. According to American Express, 7 out of 10 U.S. consumers say they’ve spent more money to do business with a company that delivers great service. For online reviews, service is the number one topic for customers, so deliver the best experience possible with an efficient and intuitive pickup process.



Improve order accuracy with clear display of customer name


Show order status and pickup confirmation to customers


Improve the employee and customer experience instantly


Receive more positive online reviews and recommendations

Deploying Smart Pickup is quick, easy and intuitive. This includes mobile provisioning, which means installers can use a mobile device to pair with shelf edge displays so they can be fully functional in minutes. Scala has wide ranging in-house software, hardware, services and support with an unmatched global delivery capability.


Custom Configuration

Product Delivery

Utilize our discovery process to analyze and implement the most optimal way to enhance the consumer experience

Leverage strategic partnerships to bring digital display, sensor, mobile and emerging technology to a global market, at scale

Integrate a flexible, intuitive platform for designing, managing and deploying digital content

Work with a global professional services team with an extensive portfolio of skills; as well as the full range of Scala- and STRATACACHE-branded hardware

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