Corporate Comm

Making digital the catalyst for company progress

Create a connected campus

Communicate effectively across all touchpoints throughout the corporate campus, from welcoming guests in the lobby to better informing employees in such places as break rooms, factory lines and even on their desktop. Digital can quickly create a cohesive work environment, connecting employees, management, visitors and even connecting to the outside world, displaying live feeds of important information such as news, financial reports and emergency information.

Inform and motivate employees

Solid internal communication is crucial to creating satisfaction and support in your personnel. The Scala platform allows you to create a communication strategy that optimizes successful information sharing, customized to fit your corporate brand and style, and motivates your employees. By offering an entertaining, informative stream of content such as HR information, employee recognition, production line and sales statistics and wins, generating enthusiasm and company energy.

  • Control corporate branding and messaging from a central location or assign permissions to different departments or individuals
  • Encourage and motivate staff with employee recognition, production line and success statistics, social media integration
  • Ensure a safe environment with emergency messaging
  • Stream important information such as new hires, company policies and updates, safety and health tips and live news feeds

Scala targeted digital signage is an effective and proven communication concept

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Scala Digital Signage Possibilities

Company-wide or with small-scale personalization, in the factory or at the office.
There are no limits to internal communication with Scala digital signage. You can quickly share real-time information throughout your company using multimedia display screens in different locations, even with employees who typically wouldn’t have steady internet connectivity or access. Truly optimize employee communication by determining who is able to see what information and messaging during a specific time.

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Through our years of worldwide experience in digital signage, we can give the best advice on the possibilities for your business. Scala has:

  • 30 years of experience
  • 500 partners globally
  • Presence in 100 countries
  • More than 500,000 active screens

Scala has created corporate communications digital solutions throughout the world including wayfinding touch screens, video walls with integrated live news feeds, visitor greeting kiosks, factory-line displays and more.

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