Retail Digital Signage

Innovate and influence with digitally connected experiences

Digital Signage Retail Possibilities

Create an optimized customer experience by bringing elements of online shopping into the retail store.

  • Draw customers into the retail experience with interactive and engaging digital signage retail solutions
  • Increase sales, operational efficiency and brand awareness
  • Embrace emerging technology and create a seamless, unobtrusive omni-channel retail strategy
  • Confidently deploy content to thousands of screens using a proven, stable platform and cloud solution
  • Apply fact-based real-time customer preferences to optimize messages, tailoring down to even a single-customer focus
  • Convert casual consumers into loyal fans by leaving a lasting, meaningful experience and deeper brand awareness

74% of US retailers believe that developing a more engaging in-store customer experience is going to be critical and that 42% of sales will come from online, mobile, and social commerce sites in the next 5 years.

Have an impact and influence on customers at the pivotal moment in the shopping journey
by making digital signage and solutions tailored to preferences.

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Argos 734 shops in the UK

Immediately impact sales

We love where the future of retail is heading. Savvy shoppers are increasingly seeking out more meaningful in-store experiences and our platform is designed to handle the challenge. Digital solutions can immediately impact the shopper’s impression of your brand and have been proven to increase sales. By combining Internet-connected devices, the scope of how digital can improve the in-store experience is limitless, including smart dressing rooms and shelving, touch screen kiosks, assistive selling tools, beacons and more.

Despite the increase of online shopping, customers overwhelmingly still convert sales in the physical store, and drawing in elements of the online experience creates an omni-channel mix that’s increasing sales and customer fulfillment.

Connect with today’s smart shoppers

Shoppers are entering retail stores with higher expectations and more distractions, and marketers are increasingly challenged with capturing attention. Creating an innovative shopping experience using digital in ways like interactive displays and smarter screen content can draw the shopper deeper into the experience, leaving a lasting impression.

Sales associates can be empowered to update screens in real-time to reflect current trends, in-store age or gender demographics, promote specific items or remove sold-out products from screens. From simple, small-scale installations to large deployments of interactive experiences, our platform ensures you can confidently, effectively market to your shoppers while improving the business objectives of the store.

Look at fact-based data and be prepared to adjust messages on the spot, at the point of decision.

An agile digital strategy allows you to keep content relevant and fresh with small-scale testing of special offers, ads, promotions of new products and on-trend styles.
Create your in-store environment from the customer’s viewpoint to capture attention and improve sales.

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Scala has digital solutions with major global brands including Tommy Hilfiger, IKEA, Argos, Last Call Studio and more.

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