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By Harry Horn
August 26, 2022

Digital signage solutions to win awards and build customer loyalty

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August 24, 2022 – The winners of the 2022 Digital Signage Awards were announced. Scala was integral to two of the winners: First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB) with Synchronized Business Solutions (SBS) and the Kiehl’s Lift and Learn experience with Pixel Inspiration.

We are understandably very proud to have been involved in these projects and thrilled that each has been recognized by the Digital Signage Awards judging panel. In both cases, Scala technology was effectively utilized to create a seamless and engaging experience for audiences. What I particularly like is the way in which both winning projects demonstrate the role that digital solutions have to play in creating exemplary customer experiences while also conveying the core values of a brand. Each also has the potential to give the brands key insights into customer activity and interest which can be used to hone offerings further and create an even more streamlined and effective customer experience.

With First Abu Dhabi Bank, which won the award for Retail Banking, Scala worked with SBS Egypt to create a customer experience that conveys the innovative and future-facing sensibilities of the bank. The head office branch in Cairo has been transformed with an integrated solution that stretches from the lobby to kiosks to meeting room displays, eliminating paper collateral and creating a digitally-inclusive environment.

The Lift and Learn experience created by Pixel Inspiration for Kiehl’s won the award for Creative Execution: Visual Experience. We’ve seen a lot of interest in the Scala Lift and Learn solution at the trade shows at which we have appeared this year. The way that Kiehl’s have implemented a Lift and Learn experience shows the potential of a digital installation to encourage customers to explore product attributes in a way that cannot be achieved online. The mix of tactile and digital is a unique in-store experience and one that gives brands a way to encourage additional sales as well gain insights into what products are being selected and compared by customers.

Both of these award-winning projects show the diverse ways that brands can communicate with their customers and the versatility of digital signage and software. In both cases the customer journey has fully been considered with digital signage and technology used only where it makes sense to do so. In this way, digital signage enhances the customer’s experience with the brand rather than impeding it. By creating experiences that welcome customers while giving them clear information on where to find what they are looking for, or giving them an opportunity to compare different products, FAB and Kiehl’s show that they respect the time that the customer has chosen to spend with their brand.

Demonstrating this appreciation of a customer’s time is key, regardless of business type. In a time-poor world, customers should feel rewarded for sharing their time and not feel that their time has been squandered by unnecessary delays. Thoughtful and reliable digital technology can create moments that reward customers with delightful if not magical moments while also giving them the information (or products) that they need in a way that is fast and convenient. I feel that both of the award-winning solutions recognized by the Digital Signage Awards do just that.

Please take a look at the case studies for First Abu Dhabi Bank and Kiehl’s. If you have any questions about either project or would like to learn more about how digital solutions can help your brand communicate more effectively with your customers, then please get in touch with the Scala team.

Written by Harry Horn

General Manager EMEA – Scala & Vice President Marketing Global – STRATACACHE


Harry Horn portrait Harry Horn is an ever-curious digital expert, driven by a passion to use technology to make things better – creating convenience for customers, efficiency for businesses and less waste for the world. During his ten plus years at Scala, Harry has proved himself a master of retail marketing, driven by a passion for customer insight and using technology to deliver meaningful experiences.