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What is a Retail Media Network?

A Retail Media Network is the space offered by retailers to brands for promotions and advertising across the retailer’s digital and marketing channels as well as their brick-and-mortar locations. Generating $100 billion in annual sales globally Retail Media Networks create ecosystems that allow retailers to create new collaborative relationships with brands, media owners, data providers, and other retailers, all while elevating the customer experience.

In-store activations are a key part of a Retail Media Network and essential revenue generators. This in-store activity extends profitability by monetizing digital displays and leveraging first-party data.

Using a flexible and dynamic digital signage platform to convey targeted brand advertising, Retailers can provide personalized marketing campaigns that are proven to elevate engagement and increase sales.

Why are Retail Media
Networks Important?


Bring advertising messaging closer to the crucial moments of decision and point of sale.


Access to greater and better data, for more accurate measurements, insights and unification across various first-party data sources.


Create and foster stronger relationships between customers and brands through engaging shopper experiences and profoundly-relevant promotions.


Create new revenue streams and extend monetization across multiple channels.

How to Activate a Retail Media Network

As retail media networks are established in-store, retailers are able to monitor in-store behavior data to refine and improve their network.

1. Data

Create a total in-store communication architecture to give the retailer and brands the data needed to refine strategy as well as identify new opportunities.

2. Implementation and Conceptual Framework

Be strategic with your approach—find the tools, software, and logistics that make sense for your business.

3. Total In-Store Communication

Create an architecture that harmonizes shopper, brand, and retailer needs.

4. Quantification

Measure in-store success with a  strategy focusing on practical approaches and considerations to in-store success data.

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What Are the Benefits of Using A Retail Media Network?

Proven to improve brand awareness across multiple platforms.

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Improved and relevant customer experience with in-store and off-site marketing tactics.

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Qualifiable measurements and insights to identify new monetization opportunities. 

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Improved customization and personalization by leveraging first-party data and localized information.

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Build strategic partnerships and deepen relationships with brands and customers.

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Unlock new revenue streams and profitability.

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With 31 years’ experience in the digital signage industry, Scala is known globally as the leader in stable, secure network deployment at scale. Since 2016, Scala has been a part of STRATACACHE which has been working with leading retailers to create, support and optimize in-store media networks for over 20 years. Together, we have the expertise to guide you through the common challenges in network implementation including: financing your network, creating an advanced “smart” in-store retail media network, infrastructure needs, staff onboarding and more. Explore our different solutions and see what makes sense for your business—book some time with our service team today to get the conversation started.

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