10 Reasons Customers Hate Your Store

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“New customers may make up close to 90% of holiday shoppers, but less than 9% will return in the subsequent 45 days.”  - Nomi

Oh, the holidays. They bring out the shopper in all of us. Deals are so good you simply have to make the trip. But if your store isn’t up to speed, the hordes of customers won’t stick around for long. Here’s 10 reasons that give customers plenty reason to make a U-turn:

Endless Lines

Why it’s the worst: You find everything you wanted, ready to make your victory lap past the checkout line, and then, time stands still. It’s maddening, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

What you can do about it: Give Father Time a swift kick in the rear with some wait-warping. Placing digital signage at checkout lines reduces a customer’s perceived wait time while providing entertainment and increasing patience. You can also leverage the screens as a queuing system.


Playing Shorthanded

Why it’s the worst: We get it. Sometimes things get so busy that you’re not able to accommodate every single person in their time of need. But when customers are forced to fend for themselves the last thing they want to hear is, “Find everything ok?” It just might send them off the deep end.

What you can do about it: You can still communicate effectively, even if the numbers aren’t in your favor. Employ some ESLs, kiosks or touch screens to tell customers what they need to know, let them self-serve, or help point them in the right direction.


Missed offers

Why it’s the worst: Black Friday is a big deal (ha…), but let’s not forget about Cyber Monday. Customers are able to find what you sell at better prices, all without having to leave their beds.

What you can do about it: Keep it competitive with dynamic pricing. Price changes are made easy across multiple platforms with centrally managed software.


Give them the cold shoulder

Why it’s the worst: It’s important to know whom you’re talking to and what piques their interests. A 21-year old college student isn’t going to get excited over “Half off slip-on Pampers”.

What you can do about it: Make sure your content resonates with customers by leveraging audience recognition tools like Intel AIM to recognize a customer’s gender, height, etc. and present content based on what gets their attention through eye-tracking. Use mobile technologies to let customers set their preferences and determine what’s most relevant for them to see not just on the screen in their hand, but throughout the whole store based on their location.


Smother them with love

Why it’s the worst: There aren’t too many things worse than some wannabe employee of the month forcing a sale down your throat.

What you can do about it: Let signage do the heaving lifting and use it as a tool to assist your upsell management. You’ll have an easier time getting the message across and look like a boss in the process.


Faulty equipment

Why it’s the worst: Your digital screens can’t help you if they aren’t working. Duh.

What you can do about it: Scala’s store-and-forward technology keeps your content running and your business rock steady, even if your network connection goes down, your screens won’t go dark.


Poor inventory management

Why it’s the worst: Getting people into your store is one thing, controlling the crowd within is another challenge. When items are literally flying off of the shelves it can be difficult to keep up.

What you can do about it: Stay leaps and bounds ahead of your customers with Advanced Analytics. Inventory management becomes a simpler task when you have a system that not only optimizes your messaging based on data trends, but also updates content based on current stock levels to maximize profits. A clean store is a happy store.


Keeping it old school

Why it’s the worst: Wake up, gramps. Digital signage is a standard of the in-store customer experience. If your store looks like a Wannamaker’s, it’s probably time for a redesign.

What you can do about it: Digital displays give your store a sleek, modern look. They show customers that you know what you’re doing and your business plan is ready for the future. You don’t have to transform your shop into an Apple store, do what fits your business and your brand.


Nobody likes a liar

Why it’s the worst: A lot of people already have a hard time trusting what they see in marketing. So when your advertising doesn’t line up with your actual store experience, customers will be quick to turn their backs on you.

What you can do about it: Keep your brand experience authentic and immersive with omni-channel marketing that ties your branding elements together. Enable your customers to engage in-store with your brand through social media integration, gamification, and gesture or touch technology. An engaging experience is a memorable experience.


Don’t make it personal

Why it’s the worst: “Smart phones are used by 50.4% of US consumers.”- Neilsen If you plan on keeping up with your customers, then be prepared to make some meaningful conversation on the mobile playground.

What you can do about it: In-store micro-location allows you to engage and interact customers on their mobile devices.  Voilà! Meaningful, and contextual content.

It’s doesn’t take much to keep your customers happy. Just keep this list in mind and you’ll avoid anyone leaving your store, muttering curses under their breath. Go get ‘em!


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